Marketing your website (SEO).

So, you have your website with all the bells and whistles on, but no-one is coming to see your site or even acknowledges its existence.

This is where marketing your website comes in and let me say that most people either forget this, or simply do not understand what is required. First let's get some terminology sorted out:

  • Web page A Web page (or just page) is the smallest unit of your web site. Every time you click on a link, a new page will be loaded.

  • Search engine Think of these as just a yellow pages of the internet. The current largest is Google, with others such as Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ, etc.

  • Page ranking Page ranking (or just ranking) is a measure of how popular each web site page is within a search engine. This is where most of your time needs to be spent with SEO

  • Keywords List of words or phrases that you use on your page to portray what the subject matter is about on that page.

Ok, Ok, there are many way that you can effectively market your website. So how can we help?

  • We can optimise your web pages to make sure they are as friendly as possible to search engines.

  • Show you what you need to be doing to help get your web site a better rankings.

  • Submit your website to all of the most popular search engines.

Many books, articles, courses, and videos have all been written on this subject so cut through all of the drama and let Dean-IT help you with this ever changing topic.

Contact us to discuss your existing web site, or a current web site hosted by us.

WARNING: Be very aware of anyone that can guarantee to top page ranking very quickly in a search engine, as the techniques used may work at first, but over time could ultimately cause you harm with the ranking, or even get your site banned

Please note : We are unable to provide our strict no fix, no fee policy, for marketing.